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New Management Structure Announced

Ryhope CW have introduced a new management structure, what is to be known as the, ‘Trio Fluid Management Team’.

Following the departure of Chris ‘Tadge’ McCabe as joint manager, CW make the management change and would like to introduce former, Easington Colliery AFC Joint Managers, Craig Hughes and David ‘Prof’ Pounders who will join Gary Pearson on the management team. The Trio Fluid Management style will mean that all three coaches will have an equal role and will all be present at touchline on match days.

Both Hughes and Pounders made the decision to step down from Easington Colliery AFC to join the club as they look to establish themselves within the EBAC Northern League Division 1.

Hughes and Pounders are no strangers to CW having had previous playing spells with the club.

Both Hughes and Pounder as CW players in EBAC Northern League Division 2. Craig Hughes,
Top Left, David ‘Prof’ Pounder, bottom middle

Hughes brings with him experience in the Northern League both as a player and a manager having joined Easington Colliery AFC as joint manager in 2017. Founder also brings a wealth of experience, a former professional making over 200 appearances for Scarborough and York City in the Conference League before joining the Northern Leagues with a winning appearance at Wembley with Whitley Bay in 2011 as they won the FA Vase.

Both Craig and David have been introduced to the playing squad and have gained a positive reaction from the players and the club. We’d like to welcome both to the club and wish the trio success!

Club Secretary

Ryhope CW are looking to appoint a Club Secretary.

The purpose of the Club Secretary is to oversee all matters relating to the governance and logistics for the team.

Role Description

ROLE: Club Secretary



The main duties would be, but not limited to

  • Attending league meetings
  • Affiliating the club to the County FA & League
  • Registering players to the league
  • Dealing with correspondence & match documentation
  • Organising and booking match facilities for the season
  • Representing the club at outside meetings at the direction of the Club Committee.
  • Meet and greet with opposition officials and match referee
  • Liaises with Playing Management Team

The appointed person will be fully supported by existing Committee members and other Club Officials. This role is VOLUNTARY
Please email to express your interest in this position.

7 Goal Thriller gives Welfare some Christmas Cheer

Ryhope Colliery Welfare go into the rearranged Durham Challenge Cup tie against Seaham Red Star after a very frustrating defeat in the FA Vase on Saturday. Gary Pearson and Chris McCabe make some changes to the squad from the weekend with Jordan Harkess, Danni Lay and Brad Hird back into the team.

This fixture has faced the classic COVID19, Christmas restrictions where it was reversed to now be played in Seaham with both sides having the opportunity to bag entrance to the next round of the cup for the new year.

The first half was very much the same as we left off on Saturday with limited opportunities for both sides. The first clear opportunity for Welfare come after the 13th minute with a very confident looking Denver Morris exchanges the ball with Kyle Davis who manages to slot Brad Hird through on goal to create the first threat at goal for CW. Throughout the first half the front pairing of Davis, Hird and Bird looked prosperous and felt like something creative would happen soon. After the 24th minute we began to see the full force of the attacking flare that CW seemed to offer in this game with a very dangerous overlap from Morris that needed a quick flick across goal to the open Robbie Bird to make it another clear chance missed for Ryhope. That was that for the first half which ended 0-0.

In the second half, Ryhope CW seemed to change their mentality, we had 7 goals! In the 52nd minute, Morris came off for Bailey Judson. Later, a freekick was created for CW but unfortunately Red Star cleared it away but a few minutes later, CW were on the attack and a corner was brought into the box by Davis and Lay got a strong head to the ball but it was just wide, a brilliant chance for CW. Both sides seemed to be creating chances thick and fast but the deadlock was not broken yet.

5 minutes later, the deadlock was broken with Bradley Hird scoring for CW! Just under 10 minutes later, Red Star scored from the spot making a 1-1. James Ellis came on for Hird and he instantly chanced a chance for Robbie Bird which was nearly scored but was held by the goalkeeper in the end. Just a minute later, Ellis curled the ball into the box and Bird catches it on his head to create the goal making it 2-1. Another few minutes later, it was 3-1! A ball through the middle made a chance for Ellis to slot it right into the bottom corner. Surely this was game over with just over 10 minutes left…

Red Star managed to get one goal back making it 3-2 but Ryhope immediately reacted to the score line and the ball was pressed forward with Judson controlling it. The ball lied to the feet of Robbie Bird and he put it home for CW. Just a minute later Judson created another chance for Kyle Davis who managed to finish the game off. The full-time whistle went, and the lads looked very happy with the result with 4 goals for CW in under 10 minutes!This win means CW end the year on a high and are through to the 2nd round of the Durham Challenge Cup where we face West Auckland Town at home in January!

Full-time result:

Ryhope Colliery Welfare 5 – 2 Seaham Red Star


Bradley Hird (61) Bailey Judson (79) James Ellis (81) Robbie Bird (85) Kyle Davis (88)

You can hear the full match reaction from Joint Manager Gary Pearson, Here..

Defeat for Welfare after shootout against Liversedge FC

Colliery Welfare has crashed out of the 3rd round of The FA Vase after a very sloppy and staggered 90 minutes that ended 0-0. It left the dreaded penalty shootout to decide the fate of both Ryhope CW and Yorkshire outset, Liversedge FC.

Ryhope made formation changes to the side with Christopher Wallace back in the starting eleven and Kyle Davis selected to pair with Robbie Bird. Ryhope CW have a variety of different suspensions and injuries to deal with over the last few months which allows three from the U21 squad for selection on the first-team bench for the tie against Liversedge.

The first half was very cagey and defensive with both sides having the ball compacted in the midfield. This led to the general feeling that both teams had a very strict gameplan and required to stay stringent for the duration. CW initially had the first half-chance on goal after 14 minutes when Kyle Davis made a very confident run that set Robbie Bird through on goal but could not manage the final delivery. This was pretty much the story of the whole first half with a wide selection of missed opportunities and lack of creativity for both CW and Liversedge. The first 45 ended a very stalemate, 0-0.

The second half was very similar with both sides being very cautious. It took until the 51st minute for CW to have a clear opportunity on goal when James Ellis made a great switch of play that created an opportunity for Paul Braithwaite to swing the ball in that was very nearly converted by Robbie Bird, This was the type of play we were familiar with from CW in previous games and needed more of it for the win!

A few minutes after that came the first controversial refereeing decision when Liversedge centre forward Oliver Fearon was brought down in the box and this was when tensions started to rise from the Liversedge dugout. After this period the game created a few half chances but both sides looked very structured and concise in defence but everyone had the feeling that something was going to break.

After a series of stoppages, arguments, dugout tensions and substitutions, it looked like this cup tie was to head for penalties to find a decider- that it did, the game ended 0-0 after the full ninety.

The full-time whistle went and both sides felt frustrated but competitive in trying to gain a very hard-fought pathway into the 4th round of the FA vase. After some tensions on the pitch that resulted in CW players receiving yellow cards alongside with a sending off a Liversedge defender- We were ready for the shootout!

CW started the penalty shootout the strongest when Robbie Bird and Bradley Hird consecutively converted from the sport to give CW a comfy 2-0 lead. The game was not win just yet. Liversedge managed to level the tie on penalties after James Winter saving two opportunities from the spot. Next up for Ryhope was U21 prospect Luke Wardle, who has a reputation for converting for from the spot. It was to be and CW missed two chances in a row. The lads looked deflated and Liversedge managed to remain calm and slot the winning penalty home to send them into the 4th round.

A cup defeat for CW is hard to take at this time of year. Let’s hope the lads can come out against Seaham Red Star on Tuesday and give us some festive cheer.

Fulltime Score

Ryhope CW 0-0 Liversedge FC


Ryhope CW 3-4 Liversedge FC

You can hear the full match reaction from joint manager Chris McCabe, Here…

Ryhope CW face Liversedge FC in the FA Vase

Ryhope CW extended the Vase dream even further when they face Yorkshire based Liversedge FC at Ryhope Recreation Park on Saturday. Colliery Welfare go into this game after a narrow defeat at the hands of Manchester outfit Abbey Hey FC who offered a very even competition that allowed success to the furthest position the club has ever gained in the FA Vase.

Ryhope are going into the game ahead of a postponement during the week against Seaham Red Star that could potentially affect the match fitness of the squad. Joint manager Gary Pearson said to Ryhope CW Media Team ‘ It was a good thing in one sense that the game on Tuesday Night did not go ahead, We did get a reprieve and a chance to get fully ready for the game on Saturday’. Listen to the full interview with Gary Pearson below

If you are one for omens then Ryhope CW usually have a very good success rate against a side that is from Yorkshire alongside with CW defender Leon Ryan holding some prestigious achievements against Liversedge FC as he beat them on his journeys when winning the FA vase three times in his football journey

You will be able to follow full match updates on our twitter page

Hird converts from the spot for a famous Vase Victory

Ryhope Colliery Welfare go into the Buildbase FA Vase second round after a very convincing first-round win against fellow Northern League opponents, Penrith Town, where they managed to ease into a 3-0 victory. A solid cup run is something that the club is very keen on achieving and especially when our football is very restrictive and concise due to COVID19, Join manager Pearson is very happy with the rotation that he has in the squad.

Abbey Hey, who sits 5th in The North West Counties League reaches the second round proper on the back of a shock result against Hemsworth Colliery Welfare which leads the Manchester outfit with a trip to the North East to face CW. Both sides go into this game with some changes in the team selection but equally holding strong outsets that will hopefully lead to the victory into the 3rd round of the vase.

On a cold, wet, Tier 3 afternoon it was the perfect setting for a proper winter cup game of football. The first half was less than convincing for both sides with an equal batch of possession and the majority of play feeling very staggered and restrictive to the midfield. Abbey Hey probably had the most convincing chance when Dean Smalley created a half shot from the 16-yard area that led to a strong block from Ryhope captain Ben Riding. Later on, in the first half CW had a series of strong counter possession moving forward with Davey Vincent and James Ellis both working together to create some opportunity at goal for CW. Overall, Both teams go into the break with a chance to grab and run with this game in the second half; The first half ended 0-0.

The second half started much the same as the first with a cagey feel and with the weather conditions worsening in Sunderland, it turned into a very sloppy surface that led to some interesting late challenges which created risen tensions from both dugouts. CW had some real good bursts of possession that was surely going to break the very resilient Abbey Hey back 4 eventually. A clear chance presented itself after 55 minutes when Davis made a powerful run through the midfield that was supported by Braithwaite which led to a very clear, one on one opportunity on goal for Bird. Good save was made by Hey Keeper Smith to pause a very creative phase of attacking play from CW.

The hard work and very good team shape finally payed off when the ball was slotted through from midfield to the CW centre forward where he was clumsily brought down in the box by a Hey defended. It was a penalty to CW. Who was going to take it? It was lead penalty taker, Bradley Hird… Down the left, 1-0 to Ryhope.

Bradley Hird converting from the spot for CW

After Hird scoring the penalty it added a fresh breath of air into CW as they had some very good spells of possession that arguably should have been converted into another goal to take them 2 or 3-0 ahead. Later on, in the game it looked like Abbey Hey’s fate was set after a second yellow card offense saw striker Rhys Clooney see the red which left a large uphill battle for He

Later on in the depths of added time. Abbey Hey continued to press at a Welfare defence that was holding some really good structure with both Trewick and Riding remaining strong to keep the pressure out. Right at the end of the game, when CW should arguably have been consecutive goals ahead, Abbey Hey created a very tense goalmouth scramble that was very well managed from CW defender Jack Walker.

The full time whistle goes after a long period of additional time which was a very tense time for CW to hang onto this 1-0 victory from the nicely converted Hird penalty. This is a milestone for Ryhope CW as its the furthest they have ever gone in the FA vase where they have bagged a home draw in the 3rd round against Yorkshire based Liversedge FC of the Northern Counties East League Premier Division which is scheduled to be played next Saturday

Lets hope the lads can get a win in the 3rd round


Ryhope CW 1-0 Abbey Hey FC

Goalscorer- Bradley Hird

FA Vase to be LIVE Streamed

After successful testing and trials, The CW Media Team will broadcast the full Buildbase FA Vase Second Round game live on YouTube.

CW have needed to wait through the full lockdown to see who they would face in the Vase after First Round progression past fellow Northern League Division 1 side Penrith. The delayed first round fixture between Hemsworth Miners Welfare FC from the Northern Counties East League and Abbey Hey FC in the North West Counties First Division South League.

Abbey Hey is from Manchester and plays in Step 6 of the National League System, equivalent to Division 2 of the Ebac Northern League. Due to Sunderland falling into Tier 3 (at the time of the game), no spectators can attend Football games at this level. Once it was revealed what measures were put in place leaving the National Lockdown and that the match would need to be played behind closed doors.

The CW Media Team, lead by David Shaw, quickly put into action plans that had been drawn up if such measures were put into place. After much testing and a successful trial during a friendly game on Saturday.
The team is confident all bugs have been worked out and the full game should be available for anyone wanting to tune in through YouTube.

“We have had some issues and needed to work out some bugs during the live stream tests.” said Andrew Gibson, heading up the behind scenes streaming project.
“It is all-new for the club and we have needed to combine the skills of every member of the team to get us to this point. Our main aim is to allow supporters who are not allowed to attend these games, get a view of the match. The players and Management put in so much work and commitment, it is not fair on them for no-one to see.

There are things that could go wrong on the day, there are no second chances when delivering live content. But we are confident we have worked out any issues but have backups planned if needed. ”

CW is asking supporters and anyone wanting to watch the match to subscribe to their YouTube channel so no-one misses out.

“Live streaming brings along an exciting development for the club and continues in the direction the Media Department is heading.” said CW Head of Media, David Shaw.

“What this means for the cub is that we are heading in a direction to bring fans better coverage and a new matchday experience.”   Dave added “As this will be our first proper run out of the live stream, please be patient with any technical difficulties (fingers crossed for none) and like us, we hope everyone enjoys the game.”

The Second Round of the Buildbase FA Vase is set to be played behind closed doors this Saturday. Streaming will be provided through the club’s YouTube Channel, this can be accessed here.


Match Preview – Ryhope CW v Penrith AFC – Buildbase FA Vase First Round

The FA Vase returns to The Ryhope Recreation Park for the first time since October 2019. On that occasion, it was a First Round match and CW took the spoils and progressed past Ashton Athletic. Twelve months on, Gaz and Tadge aim for progression again, this time against Penrith AFC.

The visitors have progressed further than CW in this competition, having made it a far as the 3rd round, however, they have not progressed past the first round in the past 6 seasons. Penrith sits six points behind CW in the league where they have only won two games with eight defeats.

Penrith progressed through the Second Qualifying Round with a 2-1 away win at Brandon Utd. Prior to that, they progressed through the First Qualifying Round on penalties away to West Allotment Celtic after a 3-3 draw in normal time.

Previous First Round has resulted in a goal feast, in 2017 CW put 10 past Harrogate RA only to be eliminated by the City of Liverpool in the next round. It was a Second Round exit last season after a controversial away farce at Vauxhall Motors in Liverpool.

CW come into today’s game on the back of a league win against Billingham Town last Saturday and then a home draw at home to Shildon after going down to 10 men.

There are concerns for James Ellis and Christopher Trewick who will need a late fitness test ahead of the game. Thomas Scothern is not available for selection due to being cup-tied. Chris Wallace is fit again and available for selection after missing several weeks.

Hotchkiss Departs

Midfielder Olly Hotchkiss has left CW following Saturday’s FA Vase win against Campion FC to join Bishop Auckland FC. The influential midfielder had made the choice purely for footballing reasons.

Hotchkiss joined CW after spells in a Player/Manager role at both Durham and Washington FC. The latter making Olly question if he wanted to remain in football. A spell away from the game allowed Olly to work on his own fitness and when he returned to the pitch he was as sharp as ever with a desire to make his mark. He did just that when CW were drawn against former club Garforth Town in the FA Vase and then Washington FC in the League Cup where Hotchkiss was instrumental in both wins, scoring a hat-trick against Washington, putting any ghosts to bed.

It is a testament to his professionalism and desire to play one final match for the club and good friend and manager Gary Pearson, Olly made the trip down to Bradford to join his teammates as one final favour for the squad at the request of Gary due to limitations of squad availability. Originally happy to be a body on the bench, Olly was put in the starting 11 following a pull up in the warm up, putting on a fine show to assist the team with a 4 goal thriller whilst earning his 7th assist this season!

Olly had already agreed terms prior to the game on Friday night with Bishop and moves there for a new challenge and made his farewells in the dressing room following our win on Saturday as Gary made the announcement to the squad. Leaving Campion in tears, Olly describes his two and a half years at CW as brilliant and as he said his goodbyes to the management and committee, he leaves with the gate wide open for a return if he chooses as Joint Manager Gary Pearson reminds him, he is always welcome back to CW. Pearson has always spoken highly of Hotchkiss as they remain good friends off the pitch and hope to reunite again in the future.

All at the club would like to wish Olly all the best in his move to Bishop Auckland and thank him for his two and a half years service!

We spoke to Olly after the FA Vase match

Ryhope CW Matchday COVID-19 Track and Trace

We are using EVEpass as part of our track and trace tools.

There will be a QR code at the entrance to the ground that you can scan with the EVEpass app. This will store your details securely on the EVEpass database. They can only be accessed by yourself and our login.

This is a quick method of recording your details with us for track and trace and will reduce the time it takes for you to enter the ground on matchdays.

Please download the app and complete your details before your arrival. The app is available for iPhone and Android through the links below.

If you cannot use this system we will have a manual sign in at the gate.

EVEpass for iPhone

EVEpass for Android